Nicole Rivera is a warm and loving soul who has been conscious of her journey to individuation for over 20 years. She is a 20 year Reiki Practitioner, animal lover and enthusiast, prolific writer and spiritual guide through her Spirit Talks and Art Readings.

Since childhood, Nicole wanted to be a veterinarian but then life happened and she was taken on an inner quest to wholeness. During that time, she strengthened her relationship with Jesus which has been self-nurtured since the age of five years leading to a loving relationship and the discovery of many hidden messages in his sayings, one of which is the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. She is a dedicated modern disciple of Jesus whose mission it is to bring forth, through her books, spirit talks, and art readings, these profound messages, as well as, open the eyes of the many to the truth of the one.

Her discipleship includes the nurturing of animals, especially those who are special needs and elderly. She fulfills this mission through serving animals on her Special Walks, Quality Time Visits, Vacation Visits, Reiki For Animals, and Ozzy’s Dog Therapy for Dogs. In addition, she also works as a Veterinarian Assistant.

Through her devotion to the God within she has reached the point on her journey where she can say, "I and my Father are ONE."