Nicole Rivera - Spiritualist, Author, Artist in New York City

Nicole Rivera
Spiritualist, Author, Artist working in New York, NY



As a Spiritualist, I seek to always improve upon myself and as I improve I am able to help others on a deeper level. As an Author, I endeavor to assist others with the WORD. Words are very powerful and have an innate ability to affect the reader. I consider it a privilege to be able to bring forth words that will inspire you to the greatness that you already are. As an Artist, I am honored to bring forth images from Spirit that will allow you to connect with your inner being on a more profound level. It is my intention to always awaken within you who you truly are.



I have been on the Spiritual Journey for as long as I can remember. In particular, I have always had a strong relationship with Jesus - since 5 years of age. In all my endeavors, my main focus has been to uplift my spiritual brothers and sisters in any way that I can, assisting them on their journey to wholeness.



Art Readings

The following are a few Art Readings I have drawn for others. To learn more about these services click here.