In the words of happy clients:

When I received the art reading image for my little girl, Sugar, I started to cry. I knew right away that Nicole had answered my question.
— S. Guzman
Thank you so much, you so caught her essence. Yes, Faith is a knock out.
— L.N.
Your image of Spirit is astounding. I felt like Spirit was speaking with me and I felt so comforted by our discussion of the image. Sometimes you don’t want to hear, or in this case see, certain things but you must if you’re ever going to change. Thank you.
— Rhonda Worth
Thank you so much. I was delighted with your reading, as you described my cats and their personalities to a T! Bert had always been the more mature and sensitive cat, whereas Ernie is a go-with-the-flow goofball.
— Rachel P.
Nicole tapped into my Conor perfectly. Her reading has made me look at my animals differently.
— C. Johnson

Art Readings, or Spirit Art Readings, are a form of communication with Spirit (Higher Self / Divine Mind) through drawing. Often times we have so many things going on in our lives that it is difficult for us to see things from the point of view of Spirit.

With Spiritual Art Drawings in one image Spirit can relay to you many messages about your current situation from a very high state of your being. What you see in the image can change from one moment to the next as it becomes an ever-flowing answer to your question depending on your state of mind. Always remember that it is your interpretation of the image that is the most important, for the image is a direct communication to you from Spirit.

Art Readings are for individuals who are seeking messages on a deeper level of their being and for those who wish to communicate with their pets in the here and now or in the afterlife.

A reading is $55 payable upfront through PayPal. Each reading includes a photo of the drawing (which is drawn with pencil on handmade paper.) and a 30 minute discussion. It takes 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to receive your reading/image. Images are delivered through email. When the image is ready, a time will be set up to talk. Please note there are no refunds once payment is received.

For legal purposes under New York State Law, it is understood that all readings are for the purposes of entertainment only.