Chronic Thoughts

If you have a chronic thought, one that pops up in your head for no apparent reason, one that you are obsessed with and obsess over, one that, when you close your eyes it comes up, no matter what form it takes, it must be dealt with or you will be at its mercy for the rest of your life. When you obsess over a thought and think a thought incessantly it grows and becomes more powerful and more challenging to annihilate but it can be done. With persistence, a strong will and a desire to be free you can begin to think a better thought in its place. Sit or lay down in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. When the chronic thought comes up immediately think of the Light of God. Do not give it your attention. When it comes up again turn to the Light of God. Keep doing this until you begin to feel a sense of relief. God will gradually take over and outshine the menacing thought. Stick with it. When you feel the relief don't stop, stay in the Light of God and milk the feeling of relief God has just given you. Let the Light grow stronger so that when you do get up the chronic thought does not come back. If it does come back, immediately focus on, talk about, the Light of God to yourself etc. and it will recede. As you become stronger in the Light the chronic thought will not return. You will have taken back your power.