Divine Justice

We talk about justice, justice for all, but what is true justice? The only true justice is Divine Justice and when we see Divine Justice outpictured on this earth all forms of justice will fall into place. Divine Justice is God's justice. As co-creators with God, as Creations of God, as Sons and Daughters of God, it is our duty and innate desire to see that God is seen, heard, and felt in this world, his world. Divine Justice is seeing that God is sought after first and foremost in all of our affairs, personally and universally; in our governments and nations around the world, for with God all things are possible. If you consider yourself the Light of God, then you serve to bring God's light into this world by being the Light, shining your Light, being the example of the Light to others. Never deny the Light in you. You deny the Light of God by being less than the Light, by being angry, hateful, jealous, depressed, judgemental, by allowing the not so nice forces to wreak havoc in your mind, your deeds and words. Let's give it our all and BE Divine Justice.