You Are the Control You Seek

No matter how out of control you may feel trust that you are always in control. The only reason you feel out of control is because you have given your power to someone or something else. You have blamed someone or something else for the situation you are in. The only way to regain control of any situation is to take back your power by taking the blame, by taking responsibility for your life. Once you say, "It's his/her fault. It's their fault," you have lost your power because now you are in a position where in order for you to be in control, or feel relieved or happy "she/he" and "they" must give that to you. You must wait for them to say, "I'm sorry," or "It's my fault." How many people want to take blame or responsibility? Very, very few. When you take responsibility you are now in a position to forgive, give up and let go of the issue or situation that has been haunting you, that has made you feel out of control. This is true freedom, for now you count on no one or no place for your happiness. You now count on yourself.