A Part of the Body Of God

When we realize within every cell of our mind and body, and on all levels of our being, that we are all a part of the Body of God on earth we will never seek to say, think, or do anything that would hurt another one of God's children. We will never gossip or condemn but rather our first reaction to something that does not please us will be to understand and uplift. When we love God with all of our hearts, minds and souls we can not help but to love all that he has created and thus we seek to love and uplift at all times. God is all there is and we are a part of God. When we hurt one another, ourselves, an animal, Mother Nature and all life, we in turn hurt God. This can not be avoided. We can not say, "Well, he/she did this to me and I'm upset and they deserve everything they get and I hope something happens etc. etc.," and think we are not doing harm to God. My point is that we must come to realize that whatever we do to ourselves and to another (life), whatever we think, or say, about ourselves and about another that is not in harmony with what God thinks or would do, will inevitably hurt the whole, thus, before we think, say or do anything let's realize that we are the Oneness of God, the Body of God.