Active Approach

We all get into a rut once in a while where we do not feel like we are moving forward smoothly and effortlessly on our path or achieving a specific goal. We may even get discouraged and complacent. This can be dangerous because we begin to gradually lose our power of Self. Sometimes we unknowingly fall into the trap of becoming passive and believing that some outside source will lift us up and make things happen for us. Jesus was always out and about spreading the good news he brought from God. If he allowed himself to be passive or discouraged and sat around and did nothing hoping that the people would just "get it" by his mere existence he would not have achieved his goal, which was to teach others what he knew and embodied, that the Kingdom of Heaven is Within You. Let's take the active approach in our lives today and do something that we know needs to get done in order to lift ourselves up and propel us forward on our journey. Let's take back our power.