Cause not Condition

The not so nice forces of this world will do whatever they can to divert your attention to the conditions and not the cause of a situation that is not pleasing to you. It is important to remember that any condition that you are experiencing that you do not like is the result of a cause; that cause being in your mind, your state of being who you are being right now. It is a clever tactic by the not so nice forces to have you focused on the condition because it distracts you from freeing yourself from the condition. In doing this, they exert their control over you and keep you bound. To release yourself from the condition put your attention on the cause, the thought, the belief that you hold in your mind and seek to change it. This will set you free. One of our purposes in life is to gradually set ourselves free from our limited state of being so that we will hear the God within more clearly. When you find yourself focused too much on a condition then you know that you are being manipulated into believing that the condition is the problem. But once you realize this is happening you have the power to begin the process of setting yourself free through placing your attention on the cause and realizing that it is unreal.