Guilt the Destroyer

Guilt is an absolute destroyer of the mind and body. Do not engage in it. Do not try to justify it - it will not work - it will only strengthen the guilt and send you deeper into chaos. All guilt wants to do is deny you of the God within. It wants you to think you are unworthy of God and wants to continue to separate you from your God. First, it is impossible to be separated from the God within. Second, God has already forgiven you and those around you for whatever you think you, or they, have done that was a mistake. Now it is your turn to forgive yourself and those around you. If you are feeling guilty about something, let it go and know that you are forgiven. If you are angry at someone and want them to feel guilty, let it go and know that they are forgiven. Instead of offering guilt and blame to yourself and others, offer Love. Flood yourself with love and send love to the other. This will ease your guilt and you will loosen its hold on you. In turn, you will strength your sense of Self. Then rest in the God within knowing that you are loved.