Honor One another

Today let's choose to honor one another. When we honor one another we are honoring the God within, for everyone is a part of the whole. I'm not saying to go up to someone and say, "I honor you." What I am saying is that when you see one of your spiritual brothers and sisters send a blessing to them from within. You can say, "I honor you my brother/sister for when I honor you I am honoring the God within." Do not look for a response from them. You are honoring them out of your love of God, not to get something in return. What you will receive in return only God can give you and that is all you truly desire. As you begin to see the people around you in the light of God, observe how your perspective changes of them. Notice how when you see God within all that surrounds you you will feel more at ease and perhaps you will not be able to resist the smile that wants to shine through you, your guard will be let down just a little and you will begin to feel more comfortable in this world. Our inner most desire is to be one with our brothers and sisters on this earth, not to be separated and fearful. So, take up the challenge and try it, it works! This I know for sure.