Know Thyself

"...Know thyself..." - Do we all truly know who we are by nature, what we are here to do and be, what our lives are suppose to express? Are we embracing everyday that we are Spiritual Beings in a human body and not merely sophisticated monkeys? We are all MORE than we appear to be. We are all Powerful Spiritual Beings who stem from the Creator itself. Let's begin to internalize this on every level of our beings. We must begin to wake up to our true nature and live the lives of abundance that we are mandated and ordained to live and continue the glorious creation that the God within has created. Every morning and every night as you place your feet on the ground in the morning and as you lay your head on the pillow at night, say, "I am a Spiritual Being in a human body and I now command, I do demand to begin to internalize this on every level of my being."