Sickness Hides the Truth

Sickness hides the truth. What is the truth? Health and well-being are the truth. The power of the God within is the truth. You are in control of the sickness you are experiencing no matter what form it chooses to take. Take back your power. Do not wallow or feel pity for yourself or others who are experiencing ill-health. Instead, remind yourself and others that they have the light of God within them and this light casts out all sickness for it is unreal and does not belong in the temple of God. The key is that you must be the one to begin the process. You must step up and face it and tell this fallacy in the body or mind that it has no place in you, that it has no place in the body of God. Do not feed it your power. Take your power from it by realizing who you truly are and then begin to see yourself as the powerful being that you are. It begins and ends with you.