The Cross of Christ

It is not for the faint of heart to take up the Cross of Christ. It is for those who have had enough of humanity and know that there is much more to life than what is being presented to us. Taking up the Cross of Christ is the journey we will all have to take, whether in this life or the next. It requires us to turn away from the things of this world, clean house and follow the true example of Jesus. It requires us to look at ourselves with a magnifying glass and clear out what is not of God. It requires us to go over our thoughts with a fine tooth comb and get rid of all that is unlike God. It requires us to leave all "mammon" behind and seek the God within incessantly. It is a journey for the brave, the strong willed, the meek, the humble, the pure in heart, the ones who hunger for more, the lovers of God and thus humanity. This journey is the ONLY journey in life that is worth pursuing because it will lead to the fulfillment of all of your desires. This I know for sure.