Uplifting Our Brothers and Sisters

Most of us do not realize that we are powerful individuals who are connected on the inner most levels of our being. Since we are all ultimately one body, the Body of God, when we hurt ourselves we hurt the all. When we hurt one of our brothers and sisters we hurt the all. When we smile we smile upon the all. When we raise ourselves up we raise the all. When we think our thoughts we are thinking with the all and so because we are all one there is nothing that we do that does not affect the Body of God. And so, let's do our best today, and everyday, to love ourselves, love our brothers and sisters, love the environment, love the animals and when we do this we are all brought closer to the God within. You are a very important part of the all and are here because you wanted to raise up your brothers and sisters to the best that they can be through your thoughts, your actions, your presence and through the realization of who you truly are. You are ordained by the God within to help his children come up higher so that they can all, including yourself, live the abundant life that they are meant to live. Shine your light within yourself and throughout the world.