Your True Heritage

Your true heritage is NOT your cultural background. Your true heritage is your Spiritual heritage. This is all that matters. The God within does not place importance on whether you are African, Hispanic, Dutch, Irish, English, Chinese etc. The God within knows you as its own, as its son and daughter. God knows you as a part of his Being, as the light and love that he has sent into this world to shine. When we place too much importance on our race, our culture, our profession, our religion, our gender we separate ourselves from each other and from the God within. When we realize who we truly are and live from that perspective we automatically see that we are all a part of the Body of God on earth. In seeing through, and with, the eyes and mind of God we can truly become one because now it is revealed to us that none of the outside appearances we place importance on matter. We now know this on every level of our being. It is natural. If we are seeing from the human perspective all ideas of oneness are distorted and as long as we label ourselves and each other conflict will ensue. Let's begin to refer to ourselves as Spiritual beings with a Spiritual heritage that is rooted in God. Let us let go of all labels and set ourselves free.