Be who you are

I see so many people posting and re-posting things on Facebook and Twitter that they DON'T like, along with following people they DON'T like so they can bash them. Why do they do this? Doing this only perpetuates what you do not want thereby bringing you things that you do not want thereby making you angry, sick, agitated, fearful etc. which ultimately leads you into a place that gets harder and harder to climb out of. Instead, let's follow people we DO like, let's post things we DO like, let's say things we can feel proud of and that make us smile and feel love. Let's hide the posts of our friends that post things we do not like. Let's be who we truly are and stop being who others want us to be. Let's begin to swing that pendulum back to the good things in life so that we can start living the good life. Enjoy your journey to wholeness.