I See

Too often we forget the beauty and abundance that surrounds us. We don't even see it as we go about our day because we are so focused on the chatter that is going on in our heads that we miss out on all that the God within, the Universe, is showing us. In every moment, the God within is reassuring us of our success, our new relationship, our joy, our abundance, our health - yet we do not acknowledge it.

Today, take a moment and look around you. Take note of the smile, the playfulness, the wealth, the loving relationships that surround you. Be aware of the good and ignore and look away from the bad. Make it a point to search for things that please you and cause you to smile. These are the moments that matter and that should be called upon when you're not feeling 100%.

Life is overflowing with good moments and experiences, good chance encounters and wealth. Be a part of the good, today.

Enjoy your journey to wholeness.