In Every Moment

In every moment life is confirming to you what you believe. Today, and everyday, look around you. What do you believe? If you don't like what you see, change your belief. How do you change your belief? Think about how you got the belief that you now hold in the first place and ask yourself these questions:

  • What have I been thinking about?
  • What have I been watching on TV?
  • Who have I been talking to and about what?
  • What have I been complaining and fretting about?

Asking yourself these questions will help you to realize why you hold the current beliefs that you do. If you're thinking about the worst in the world, the world will show you the worst. If you're watching TV programs that show fighting, arguing, hate, bad relationships etc. the world will show you this. If you gossip, complain, and talk bad about others the world will show you this. These things create a person who is fearful, defensive, loud, suspicious, distrusting, bitter and the list goes on.

To change this, begin to choose to watch shows that make you laugh and feel good, choose to think only good thoughts about others, places and things, choose to talk with people who are inspiring and happy, choose to see the good side of situations and choose to always be happy and be steadfast about doing things and thinking thoughts that make you feel good. With consistency, you will transform and your life will get better and better and better.

Enjoy your journey to wholeness.