More Good than Not

Remember, today and everyday, that there is more good in this world than not, that there are more people loving each other than not, and, remember, you have the choice as to what you want to see in this world. If you are seeing hate and anger then ask yourself, "What am I feeling? Am I feeling hate and anger? Have I been watching it, reading about it, listening to it? Have I been afraid?" If your answer is yes then you must take action, and the only action you can take to change the world that you see and the feelings that you are feeling is to change your thoughts. Stop thinking upon hate and anger, stop watching it on TV, stop reading about it, stop listening to others. Listen to the God within, the Universe, and hear that there are more good things in this world that are worthy of your attention. This is how you change the world that you see, for it is merely a reflection of what you've being focusing upon, and the good news is that you have total control of your thoughts. You, alone, have the power to change the world.