Practice Faith

Practicing faith can be extremely challenging, especially when someone you love is ill. What to do? Well, the first thing is to understand what faith is. Faith, to me, is not only believing in the unknown and that all will work out, it is also holding that person/animal in a state of well being. Seeing them, within your mind, whole and happy without fail, for this is where the power of the God within lies and does its work. This is challenging while everyday you witness them in a state of illness. I believe also that when someone you love is in your care, or anyone for that matter, you must be well yourself. You must be whole, you must be in a state that is connected with the power of the God within. There is no room for sadness, anger, hate and all the negative emotion. Think of Christ. He went into the desert and meditated on being whole, on knowing that he was God - so much so, that just by his presence he was able to heal, that is how connected he was. He was not in a state of anger or sadness as he healed. He was in a state of knowing. There was no effort. He was so aware of the presence of the well-being within the person who was ill that he was able to bring them into vibration with their well-being (if they chose to accept it). He did not see anything else but the persons well-being and then he proclaimed, "It is your faith that makes you whole." Meaning, because they believed in him they were healed, not because he healed. He provided the knowing, the confidence, the clarity of well-being that was necessary for the healing, if they wanted it. All things are possible with faith. Christ had faith. My aim is to embody the faith of Christ.