My take on Mr. Trump: We already know that many people do not like Mr. Trump because of how uncensored he is and how he brags, without apology, about his wealth. Yet, surprisingly enough, there are also many who admire him for being uncensored and for his achievements. I am on the side of the many that admire him because of his achievements but, more importantly, I admire him for his mindset. Isn't that what sets us apart - how we think about ourselves?

If you can, step back for a second and listen carefully to how he speaks. When he talks about himself or his properties he always makes it a point to talk about the good, to emphasize what he wants to happen. He will never say anything bad or negative about himself or his business. Everything with Trump is always the BIGGEST, THE HUGEST, THE BEST, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. Never will you hear anything otherwise. Is this good or is it bad? It's absolutely good. In order for us to achieve what we want we must believe that we are the best, that we can achieve our desires, that everything is going to be great, otherwise we will get lackluster results. Who cares that he brags? Most of us don't brag about our achievements in public but we should all definitely be bragging in private. We all should be knowing, thinking, feeling, expecting, talking only about the best of everything for ourselves.

So, when you hear Mr. Trump talk about how great he is and how big everything is for him take it as a reminder to think big about yourself, know that you are great, and begin talking only great things about what you want and who you are.