Better Conversations

You deserve to be involved in better conversations. Conversations that stimulate you to the greatness that you already are, that conjure new and innovative ideas on what to do next, what path to take, what to say to someone you've been longing to talk to, how to create a better income. Walk away from conversations that involve gossip, hate, complaints, bitterness and sadness. Do not bring yourself down from your joy. Refuse to disconnect yourself from the God within. Begin to be more concerned about hurting your own feelings than about how others feel when you walk away from them. Sometimes you have to "hurt" others to begin healing yourself. In the end, you are doing them a favor because when you walk away they have no one to complain to. The conversation ends and so does the perpetuation of that which is not wanted by anyone.

I have walked away from many conversations that involve things that make me feel angry, sad and the like. Trust me, it's worth it.

Your joy is important to you and to the world.