Christ is My Mentor

What better mentor and role model to have than Christ? In this time that we live in there are very few role models that can match the life that Christ lived. Christ is my mentor because of the "miracles" that he performed. I put miracles in quotes because, although we call them miracles, they are not. Christ was showing us what we could all do if we were to follow his teachings. He was, in essence, an example of God on Earth. His expression of the God within was one of love, compassion, understanding and respect for himself and others. In order for Christ to do the things that he did he had to fully embrace his God power within and not let his human self get in the way. He mastered the Art of Being God.

Imagine, if you will, a world where we all took responsibility for the power that we hold and utilized it in a way that offered love towards ourselves and others. Our fear of those around us and the world in general would dissipate. Fear would have no power over us. We would understand that we all have the power to choose and to live in our own special world that pleases us despite what others are doing around us. I want that!