Dream until you're inspired to do. We all have desires. We have a desire for all things that we believe will make us happy, whether it's a desire for more money, better health, better relationships, more clarity and the like. Our dreams and our fantasies are just the beginning of the process of letting things manifest in our lives. We ask and it is given to us through ideas. When we get an idea on how to fulfill our desires and we feel that "Ah ha!" then we know we have been inspired and that is the time we are to take action.

On the contrary, when we sit and ponder and find ourselves "trying" to get a good idea or "trying" to make things happen that is when we should back off and do something else. When I find that I am trying to make something happen everything goes wrong and it is a struggle. I'm not one for struggle. I don't like to work "hard" because I believe it's unnecessary. The God within creates things with ease and so I can, too.

So, when you find yourself trying, stop and let it go and work on something else that is flowing easier for you and then you will find that all of a sudden you'll get an idea for the thing that you were trying so hard at. Your desires are suppose to be easy to attain - this I know for sure.

Dream until you are inspired to do and enjoy your journey to wholeness.