Everyone Wants Love

Everyone wants love. Love is a universal desire. Either we want to experience more love in our lives or we want to give more love to others. How do you define love? Is it worry, crying for our loved ones when they are in pain, is it joy, is it laughter, is it fighting for someone, sticking up for someone or is it keeping in line with the God force within us so that we may better serve ourselves and those around us? I suspect most would agree that love is the worry, and all that follows, and that most would believe that not reacting in the ways described would mean you do not love.

If the above is the case then love hurts sometimes, doesn't it? I would like to think of love as keeping in line with the God force within us despite what is going on around us so that we may help others. I would like to say that love is loving God (ourselves) and those around us so much that we're not willing to go to the depths of despair with them or "feel" their pain. When we choose to go into despair we separate ourselves from that which gives us the only strength that can help those around us. We must remain connected in times of trouble. If my grandmother is sick and suffering, I can not become sick and suffer with her. I become useless in my endeavor to help her in this sickened state. All I have done is perpetuate the sorrow. If I remain connected to my God within then I am in a state of strength and can better serve my grandmother. Christ did not become sick when he healed others. He did not suffer their pain. He remained a powerful force of truth and wellness so that the sickness could not live in his presence and if the person, who was in his mist, was open to receiving his healing, then he/she was healed. This is how I define love.