Focus - what a powerful word that will strengthen, uplift and reward you a thousand fold. Practice the Art of Focus and experience instant relief and empowerment.

Focusing on what you want and what you love assists in relieving you of the angst you feel when you're focused upon things that worry you - the things that you do not want to come to pass. When I find myself entrenched in worry about something that I can not control - like something that someone has done to me that I did not like - I immediately shift my attention and focus upon something that requires my full attention, like a game of tileUp or Wordsearch or something that is timed. May sound silly or childish but it has worked for me many times and has stopped me from going in a direction that would be far worse and cause me unnecessary pain. I instantly feel relief and if, when I stop the game, the unpleasant thought comes in to play again, I go back to my game until I do it so many times that the unpleasant thought has given up.

Practice focusing often and you will find that when your attention shifts to something unpleasant it will get easier and easier to refocus yourself on something that makes you feel good. You are worth it.