We are innately drawn to that which makes us free. Without freedom to do, be or have whatever we want we ultimately begin to decline and perish. This is true for all living creatures, for we all come from the same source. Enjoy your freedom today. Freedom to walk, to breath, to go out, to speak, to love, to do what you want when you want. – I love this statement. I love the word Freedom. It feels good. It feels right. It is at the core of all living creatures. We all want the freedom to do be and have whatever we desire and the wonderful news is that we can! We create who we are, the lives we live and everything around us. I respect everyone’s birthright to freedom even the animals of this earth, the forest and so on for everything comes from God and is God. Freedom begins within and if we believe we are free then we are. If we believe we are bound by society and all of its issues and complaints then we are. We should all focus on ourselves. When you focus on yourself and what your heart desires your world will change around you because you will begin to be uplifted and God will show you what is in your heart. Ask yourself what is in my heart? Hate, anger, depression, love, joy, peace….. You can tell what’s in your heart by looking at your life and what you see on a daily basis. The choice is always yours to see what you want. No one ever tells you what to see. Ask yourself; Am I choosing to see hate? Am I choosing to see racism? Am I choosing to see love? Am I choosing to see conflict? Then ask yourself what am I watching on tv, where am I going, who am I talking with? All these questions will help you to see what you are choosing to live in this moment. Change it if you don’t like it, leave it if you do.