God is a Good Thing

God is absolutely a good thing! I would go as far as saying that God is an excellent thing. Some people misunderstand what God is or think that we, as Christians, misunderstand what God is. Those who think that we misunderstand what God is are living in the past and need to come into the present and accept the fact that there is no longer anything to gripe about. We all believe in the same power. We just call it different things. Some call it God, others call it Energy, Higher-Self, Chi, Consciousness, Source - the list goes on. Ultimately, we all believe that there is something wise and all-knowing that resides within us that we have access to. And since it lies within us, it would stand to reason that we are one and the same.God is a good thing because it is what sustains us, it guides us, it comforts us, it believes in us, it values us, it knows our worth, it loves us and it fulfills all of our desires. It is the one "thing" we can count on to get us through our every day lives. It is the one "thing" we can count on to uplift us and the one "thing" that will always say yes to our desires. We, as expressions of the God within, must learn how to utilize this great power to our advantage and begin to take responsibility for the lives that we have created, for the world we have created. Once we understand the God within there is nothing that we can not be, do or have.