I Am Faithful

We all have something that we desire whether it be a desire for more money, love, happiness, chocolate, relationships, peace - it doesn't matter the desire, what matters is that we are steadfast in seeing that our desire is fulfilled. Many of us, including myself, have a desire and then immediately think to ourselves "I can't or I don't see how it will happen or..." There are many doubts that flood our minds but the ones who persevere are the ones who have a burning desire for something and know that they are going to get it - no matter what. They may not know how at the moment but they do know they will. In other words, they are faithful to their desire. They don't disbelieve, they don't doubt, they don't question whether their desire is right or wrong, they don't ask people about their desire. What they do is talk to themselves about their desire, they imagine the wonderful things that will transpire when their desire is fulfilled, they always have their desire on their minds and feed it daily with thoughts of joy and eagerness. They mold their desire, like a sculptor, every day. They are their own cheerleader and, most importantly, they don't complain.

On a daily basis, I ask myself, "Am I being faithful to my desire?" Asking this question helps keep me on track with what I want because there are times when I forget or times when I become doubtful and say, "Never mind I'm not going to pursue it." These thoughts come into my mind because I am not experiencing immediate results but the key is to continue to be faithful to your desire despite what you see. This takes practice, like anything else we want to master, and the more we practice seeing in our minds eye and feeling in our body that our desire is fulfilled, the faster the manifestation will show up in our lives.

Begin your morning and end your day with your desire on your mind. Wake up imagining what it would be like if your desire was fulfilled. During your day, whenever you have time, visit your desire and remind yourself of it and feel the joy that awaits you. At night, fall asleep feeling like you have accomplished your desire.

All things are possible because you are the ruler over your life. Enjoy the journey to wholeness.