I Am Going to Fall in Love

Say this mini prayer throughout your day today and look for things, places and people to fall in love with. Falling in love is powerful. It means appreciating, admiring and enjoying the people, places and things that surround you. Seeing with eyes filled with love brightens and strengthens that which we are gazing upon - it opens us up to receiving all that we desire.

Take the time to listen to someone speak, to gaze up at the magnificence of the sky, to appreciate your cell phone, your bed... Fall in love with your favorite place to hang out with a friend, a frequented restaurant, a quiet place you retreat to when you want to listen to the God within. Falling in love feels good and when we take the time to appreciate all that surrounds us and all that we have, more of what we desire will flow into our lives.

LoveNicole Riveralove