I am in Control

You are always in control of your life. Sometimes it may seem that things are out of control and there is no way out of your situation but there is power in knowing that we are all responsible for everything that happens in our lives.

What is control? Control is not taking what already is and transforming it. Control is taking what is not and forming it. Most of us get into situations that we are not happy with and then try to do something on the outside to fix it. But that is going about things in a very difficult manner. We end up exerting ourselves and things get worse.

The best way for things to go your way on a more consistent basis is to understand that you have control over everything in your life by creating in your imagination, from nothingness, what you desire. Then the God within, the Universe, begins to bring it into manifestation for you. With this understanding in mind, think about what you want - what type of relationship do you want with your children, with your lover, your husband, your  animals, your neighbor, with money, happiness etc. Then write it out. Think about it with eagerness and joy knowing that the God within, the Universe, is setting things up to go your way. Be faithful to your vision. Do not sway. Do not doubt. Practice being happy. Practice always getting what you want. Practice your worthiness. And most of all, be happy and be easy along the way. Don't check for results, expect great results.

Try it. Pick something small and work yourself up, although the Universe does not care how big or small your request.  Faith and belief are what turn the wheels and bring things into your life.