In Our Darkest Moments

Many times we find ourselves in situations where things seem out of control and it feels as if all hope is lost and there is no way out. I have felt this way many times. I sometimes struggle with thoughts like, "Is it worth it?" - "I'll never get out of this." And so on. In those moments of discouragement it is difficult for us to see the goodness that awaits us but I promise you, it is there. Unfortunately, we are clouded by our own thoughts of despair that we can't see the light. It's like looking up into the sky and seeing only clouds and asking "Where did the sun go? It hasn't gone anywhere. The sun doesn't stop shining because of the clouds, for once the clouds subside the sun appears. It is the same with our thoughts. When we are feeling despair, anger, hate, sadness, loneliness and the like the clouds are dense and formidable but when we begin to move our attention in the direction of nicer things - our pets, our best friend etc. - the clouds begin to separate and the sun begins to show itself more and more. We begin to move into a better feeling space. A snowball effect emerges and we find ourselves thinking better and better thoughts that make us feel amazing. For some it happens instantly, for others it takes a little more time but know that it is all up to you. You are always in control.