Keep Going

Many will tell you to never give up and sometimes it's annoying because you might be in a place where you can't see the light of day - you can't see a way out from where you are. There were (and are) many times when I have said, "I give up. I'm not fighting this anymore," and it actually felt good to say it because it offered me relief from trying to make things happen. I have learned that when I "try" to do something, or make something happen, I am going in the wrong direction. Things just get worse. There is no amount of struggle, and there doesn't need to be struggle, that will get me any further than if I am relaxed. So, now when I start to "try" I stop myself and let go of what I am trying to accomplish and I focus on something else. Giving up on the struggle and the trying is okay and I have done it many times but I always keep going. I have just learned to take the path that is easier, the path that is paved with joy and relaxation, the path of knowing that all is well and coming into fruition. And you can, too. Don't ever let someone tell you that you should struggle or things need to be hard for you to get what you want. This is a lie. God does not struggle to make the grass grow or the sun to shine. God just knows and it is done. God desires and it is fulfilled. You come from God. God is within you, is you, and so things must be easy for you, as well.