Prayer is Confiding

I've always thought of prayer as a conversation with the God within - a part of me that is wiser than I am. That part that, if I just quiet my mundane thoughts, I could consciously communicate with. Sometimes I am able to hear this wiser thought and it brings me much relief. It invigorates me and enlivens me. It helps me to get up and get going. It inspires me.Prayer is golden. It is a God-like state of mind that knows all is well, nothing is stagnate and all is forever changing into what you desire. Some might say that what I desire is not what I am living, so how can things be changing into what I desire? Well, it all depends on how you are thinking and being. Are you saying out loud I want more money but then inside you're feeling poor? The God within knows exactly what you are truly saying by what you are feeling and even though things look like they are not changing, they are, they are just changing into the same thing.

Take care of how you feel in every moment and make it a habit to feel good by surrounding yourself with things, people, places and animals that feel good. Do this consistently and you will discover the beauty of God.