The Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth Lies Within is a powerful statement that when one believes they will experience eternal youth. We are meant to remain young and beautiful for eternity. It is wired into our DNA. Of course we must "age" which just means that we must move through space and time but there is absolutely no reason for us to decline. What we must understand is that in creating our own reality, we also create our own demise when we believe that we must "grow old." Who said this, anyway? Begin to believe and convince every cell in your body that you are young and beautiful. Choose an age that you would like to be and look like and every day all day remind yourself that you are that age by being playful - and all the while smile and be happy that the God within, every cell of your body, is yielding and conforming to your new belief.

Be as a child and you will experience eternal youth.