There is Nothing to Learn

There is nothing to learn, nothing to study, nothing to fret over. You are remembering. Remembering who you are, remembering your true origins, remembering your power.

In your physical existence you are re-membering yourself. Reassembling all that you know and bringing it together to be the powerful joy-filled creator that you already are.

How do you remember? You are eager for your desires to come into fruition while you enjoy where you are now. You make it a habit to smile and laugh everyday. You remain focused on what you want and steer clear of what you do not want. You walk away from sadness and fear and anger and run towards happiness and joy. You refuse to give in to what others or society thinks you should do, be and have and remain faithful to the desire that has been planted within you by the God within. You are strong-willed and determined to be the best that you can possibly be from where you are and strive to be a more complete expression of God.

Relax and enjoy remembering who you are.