We are the Spiritual

Most of us know that we are more than our physical bodies. I believe this is true. We are Spiritual beings living and creating in a physical material environment. There is everything right with enjoying and taking part in the material things of this world. We created it! Yet, there are those that hate the material, that believe that people are too obsessed with material objects, especially when Christmas comes around, yet they still go shopping - this I don't understand.

In any event, I believe that we should cultivate an attitude of awe about the things that we, as Spiritual beings, have created. This is one of the things we are here to do - create and then enjoy our creations and then create some more and enjoy. I, for one, enjoy the things that others have created and am in awe as to how they latched on to the ideas that they have manifested.

Instead of complaining about others and how they choose to engage with the physical things of this world, we should focus on ourselves and what we have created and contributed to the expansion of the Universe, of the God within.

Look around and enjoy and commend those who have attached themselves to an idea that sprang forth from the God within and had the will and passion to bring it into fruition. And then say, "I can do that to!"