We think, God Feels

When we think a thought we are using the most powerful tool that exists, for thinking creates. When we think God offers us feelings - good and not so good - to indicate to us if what we are thinking is in line with what the God within is thinking. This is not judging. God does not "care" what you think but offers its immediate thought and reaction to what you are thinking. For example, if you are thinking beautiful thoughts of a puppy or baby God offers you a feeling, an emotion, of joy and laughter which is in agreement with what you are thinking and thus brings you more to be joyful about. If you are thinking of a not-so good thought of a puppy or baby and you begin to feel bad, God is offering you the bad feeling to indicate that it is not in agreement with your thought and thus brings you more situations to feel bad about.Thinking, in essence, is asking and feeling, in essence, is answering. In every moment we have the power to feel the union that the God within has to offer us or the disconnection from the God within. Either way, we are powerful and are in full control of what transpires in our lives. In every moment, we have a choice. We can choose love or hate, anger or happiness, sadness or fulfillment, sickness or health. It's up to you.