Your Brothers and Sisters

When you consider everyone you pass by your brother and sister life and the world become a safer and more loving place. I often observe animals, dogs in particular, when they pass each other by. They are always so eager to meet the other. Their tails begin to wag, their hearts race, their ears perk up and their eyes widen with anticipation. Imagine if everyone walked around excited to meet someone new. We'd all have huge smiles on our faces - we might look retarded, too - but that's okay, once we get use to people wanting to get to know each other it will become normal.

But most of us humans would rather just quickly walk by our fellow humans because we don't care to know each other, we think of the other as foe before friend or we don't have the time nor the desire to engage. Or it could be that we're afraid of what reaction we might get if we reached out and said hi. I've smiled at others on the train and have received mixed reactions - some just offer me a blank stare, others will turn away thinking "she's crazy," others giggle (those are the younger ones) and then there are some who will smile back.

When you walk in the world and see everyone as a brother and sister you begin to feel comfortable, at ease, you become less defensive, you open yourself up to new adventures and opportunities. In my everyday travels I do my best to offer a smile or a hello here and there or I'll strike up a conversation with someone unknown. It's amazing what you can learn when talking with someone you know nothing about. They might be the one to open your eyes to a problem you're trying to solve. Hey, you may even develop a friendship.