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The Atheist

It surprises me when an atheist tries to define God, Christianity, and explain to me verses in the bible and what Jesus came to teach. They sound like someone who has read from a text book but has not actually taken the time to do the work in order to attain firsthand knowledge. For example, it’s like someone who reads a book on math yet never picks up a pencil to actually solve a problem based on what he/she has read. The atheist shoots off general knowledge, talking points of others, yet has no Experience. To be able to intelligently talk about any subject you must experience it, practice it, live it or else you are of little use to others. The atheist will never do this with the subject of God and Jesus for fear he/she may become a believer. I say to the atheist, “Follow and practice the true teachings of Jesus then talk to me about him and teach me your experience. I will listen.”

The Power of Christians

Have you ever asked yourself why there are those who would have us believe that we (Christians) are dwindling in number? Have you ever asked yourself why there are those who try to convince us Christianity is falling apart, that the church is falling apart? Have you ever asked yourself why there are those who choose to laugh at us when we turn to prayer? Why do they mock us and our beliefs? Why do they roll their eyes at us when we talk about God or shrug when we mention the power of Jesus and our faith?

There are those who seek to destroy our faith and our mission and make us feel like things are falling apart etc. Why? Because they fear us. They know, more than we do, the power we hold and the power of prayer. They know that united we are a force to be reckoned with.

Do you realize, brothers and sisters, that we have the power to change the course of this world, that we have the power to wipe out poverty, crime and all negative forces? They realize this, do you?

Transcend Suffering

As children of God, we all have an innate desire to alleviate suffering. On a deeper level, we all know that we are brothers and sisters and so when we see someone in pain, crying, sad or depressed we seek to comfort. We seek to give them relief from their troubles, yet as followers of Christ we must now bring this desire higher and begin to assist our brothers and sisters in transcending suffering. If we offer to merely alleviate their suffering then we have not done them nor God justice. How do we assist them in transcending their suffering? We explain to them who they truly are in a way in which they are ready to hear it. Not every one is at the same level of awareness so it is your job to assess where they are and then teach them from there. When you assist your brothers and sisters in knowing who they truly are you have given them the only knowledge that is necessary to permanently end their suffering. You have set them on the true path of healing.

Jesus Calls on You

Many Christians around the world are witnessing the demise of the Christian Churches. The Catholic Church, in particular, is being singled out, but I dare say that some of these atrocities, if not all, are happening within other denominations as well. 

Large numbers of us have left the church and worship in our homes on our own time while others have remained faithful to the church through these ordeals. Many of us are feeling angry, hopeless, helpless, discouraged, fearful and outraged.

What should we do? Prayer is always of paramount importance. Up until now, our prayers have actually been responsible for the upheaval that we are witnessing take place within the church. We have all known on some level that there was something amiss in our churches.

The hatred for the church runs so deep in some individuals that they strongly desire the collapse of the entire church, yet I do not believe this is what Jesus wants. Plenty of his followers still cling to the church even though they know it is in a shambles. If the church were to completely collapse Jesus knows his followers would fall into hopelessness, they would be scattered and that is not what he wants. The better solution is to rid the church of its “evils,” which is happening now, and have the people elect leaders who are more in tuned with his true teachings. In other words, give the church over to the congregation/parishioners (not boards, committees and the like) so they can elect the leaders and clergy with whom they believe Jesus can speak through to bring his modern day message to the masses.

How can we begin the enormous task of changing the church? Through the help of Jesus, of course. Jesus calls upon those who have chosen to stay with the church (and even those who have left) to call on him to inspire you to take action; action that will lead to a new church; a church that is the Living Word of Christ. A church that is constantly moving and growing in God.

Jesus says there are many of you who still believe in the true purpose and importance of the church, yet you know things need to change but do not know what to do, how to do it and where to begin. He says to call on him. Ask him. Open your heart and he will lead you.

Will it be easy? Jesus says no. It will indeed be a challenge that will shake you now and again. At times, it will be akin to what he faced while taking on the Scribes and Pharisees. Yet, he says, no matter what befalls you, you must always speak the truth that he gives you in order to begin the process of mending the church. Have no fear, for when you are anointed by Jesus you are safe.

It is up to us as Christians to rehabilitate the church and bring it back into alignment with the true teachings of Jesus. 

If you are inspired by this article then consider yourself one of his anointed ones, chosen to assist him in healing the church from within. Your journey is blessed.

(Article published on Medium 9/10/2018)

God's Good Pleasure

It is God's good pleasure to give us the abundant life, yet, so many of us struggle to make ends meet. We struggle to provide for our families. We struggle in our relationships, we struggle with our health. Why is this? We say, "If it is God's good pleasure to give me the abundant life then why am I barely making ends meet, why am I sick?" God says to us, "It is my pleasure to give you the abundant life but I cannot give you what you are holding yourself back from receiving. The abundance you desire in every area of your life is there. It is flowing to you, yet, you block it from manifesting into your physical experience because you are denying it. How are you denying it? You deny it with the thought of doubt, the thought of fear, the belief that you do not have what you desire. You deny my abundance when you refuse to use the gift I have given you to lift yourself out of the state of consciousness that is called death instead of seeking the kingdom of heaven within you which is the consciousness of life. The gift I have given you is the Christ mind. This mind knows all, sees all, hears all, is all. Connect with the Christ within you, the God within you, and you will begin to breakdown the death consciousness, and as you do this the abundant life will be revealed to you."

To Be Reborn

What does it mean to be reborn? It means to realize, to remember, once again who you truly are. To remember that it is God's good pleasure to give you the abundant life and therefore you now open the flood gates and allow yourself to receive it; to remember that you are not the fears that you hold on to but are the Spirit that rises above these fears and remembers that you are more than the fears you have created, thus, you let them go and begin to live in fearlessness; to remember that you are commanded to have dominion over the earth and, thus, you let go of all that is unlike God that is stopping you from fulfilling this commandment and now you know that you can truly be, do, and have whatever it is you desire. To be reborn is to remember that nothing can hurt you because everything on this earth is unreal and cannot hurt that which is real; You are real. Be reborn today by letting go of all that is unlike God in your being. Set yourself free.

Happy Easter 2018

What a glorious day! Jesus has risen; a symbol of raising ourselves up into the Kingdom of Heaven. We are all to rise up and claim who we truly are in God. When celebrating today let us reflect on the importance of clearing our temple to receive the Holy Spirit who will raise us up into the Light of God.

I Am Risen

"I Am Risen!" - You have just begun the process of raising your consciousness to a higher level by saying those words. If you are ever feeling, or being, less than you know you are, say immediately, "I Am Risen, Lord, I Am Risen!" This statement, though seemingly simple, is so powerful, for it automatically raises your level of being to a higher level and ultimately will raise you up to the level of consciousness Jesus attained, if you will allow it. If you have to, say it all day. Refrain from any expectations or struggle when saying these words, just say them as truth. The darkness can not survive in the light of God. It is impossible.

Be Prepared for the Lord

Be prepared for the arrival of the Lord to speak and act through you today and everyday. The God within eagerly awaits for an opening within you to speak directly to you and through you to those you meet. Prepare yourself for his words and deeds. Clear your mind in the morning and throughout the day reminding yourself in every moment to keep your mind in a state of harmony and peace, for the God within desires to speak and create miracles through you.

Choose Love Instead

Loving oneself is paramount on the journey to Christhood. When we love ourselves we are simultaneously loving the God within. Today we offer ourselves love. We will not criticize any part of ourselves but will choose love instead. We will not criticize any mistakes we think we have made but will choose love instead. We will not criticize any part of our bodies but will choose love instead. We will not criticize any of our thoughts but will choose love instead. We will not criticize our spiritual brothers and sisters but will choose love instead. In every moment we promise to remain true to who we truly are and choose love.

Purify Your Heart and Mind

Purification of the mind and heart is essential on our journey to Christhood. If our minds and hearts are tainted with anything less than love we will find ourselves in a perpetual state of uncertainty, wondering why we aren't where we want to be. We will always be questioning and not receiving answers. Asking, "What am I doing wrong? Why hasn't my life changed to what I desire?" The answer can be complex, as we are all unique individuals, but the one thing I know for sure is that if we are preoccupied with the things of this world then that is one of the reasons why we haven't reached our ultimate state of being. Starting today, let us make it a point to always purify our minds and hearts as Jesus did, so that we can begin to be the example in this world that he was for us. 

You are Ordained by God

Each and every one of you is ordained by the God within to come up higher, to do great things in this world, and I am not talking about the profession you choose, instead, I am talking about coming up higher in the awareness of who you truly are so that you can be the example that Jesus was when he walked the earth. This is a tall order but if you are reading this then you are one of the chosen ones that must begin to be more than what you perceive yourself to be at this moment in time. You are a Spiritual being in a human body who has come here to attain Christhood as Jesus did, here to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth, thus showing your Spiritual brothers and sisters how to do the same. This I know for sure.


At some point on our journey to Christhood, and better now than later, we must begin to expose the un-Godly parts of ourselves, the unworthy thoughts and feelings we harbor towards our Spiritual brothers and sisters and ourselves, the hate, the anger, the depression, the sadness, the jealousy, envy, shame and all other negative emotions. We must begin to pluck them from our being so that we can begin to be truly free and walk this earth with the mind-set that Jesus attained. This is true freedom. 

The Cross of Christ

It is not for the faint of heart to take up the Cross of Christ. It is for those who have had enough of humanity and know that there is much more to life than what is being presented to us. Taking up the Cross of Christ is the journey we will all have to take, whether in this life or the next. It requires us to turn away from the things of this world, clean house and follow the true example of Jesus. It requires us to look at ourselves with a magnifying glass and clear out what is not of God. It requires us to go over our thoughts with a fine tooth comb and get rid of all that is unlike God. It requires us to leave all "mammon" behind and seek the God within incessantly. It is a journey for the brave, the strong willed, the meek, the humble, the pure in heart, the ones who hunger for more, the lovers of God and thus humanity. This journey is the ONLY journey in life that is worth pursuing because it will lead to the fulfillment of all of your desires. This I know for sure.

Our Prayers are Needed

The world needs our prayers today. I ask that you join me on the top of every hour today in saying this prayer for the people and government of Syria:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I now command, I do demand, that the Light of God shines forth into the hearts and minds of the people and government of Syria. I demand that the Light of God consumes all hatred and anger. I demand that the Light of God consumes all dark forces that are manipulating the people and government of Syria. I demand the Light of God be allowed to take over and bring peace and love to the people and government of Syria. That it raise the consciousness of the people and government into a state of love, opulence, peace and joy. I demand that the Light of God consumes all unlike itself and transmutes it into love. It is done. Amen.

Our Father

Our Lord's Prayer, the "Our Father," is such an important and revealing prayer of what Christ wanted us to embrace. How many of us have said this prayer without truly understanding what it means? I have recited it many times in the past and did not fully grasp what it meant. Below is my interpretation of the "Our Father." Please enjoy. Our Father who art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name.

The above verse calls out to, and addresses, God as our Father and praises its name, for there is only one supreme God that embraces us all with an unwavering love.

Thy Kingdom come

Thy will be done

On earth as it is in Heaven.

The above verse invokes God's Kingdom (God's world. God's life) into our lives and when it comes, by our impelling of it, God's will of all good is to manifest in our experience on earth as it is in Heaven - Heaven is perfection and all good, and thus this perfection and all good is to manifest in our lives on earth - right here, right now.

Give us this day

Our daily Bread

The above verse states that God provide for all of our needs - food, clothing, shelter etc., for God is the source of all of our desires. When we begin to rely on God as our source for all that we need on earth then it begins to show up in our lives. With consistent and persistent command of our good, God will unleash its bounty in all areas of our lives and you will be self-sustained. This requires trust, faith, persistence, strength of will and steadfastness to God.

And forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us

The above verse states that God forgive the mistakes we have made in our lives as we forgive others who may have hurt us in some way. God forgives instantly. It is us who holds on to the wrong doing. It is important to remember that when something goes wrong in our lives forgiveness of ourselves and others is inevitably healing. When we forgive we cleanse our minds and bodies and begin a new. All is washed away and we can move forward. It is also important to remember to forget as we forgive, for if we hold a grudge or we continue to unearth what we have forgiven then we have not truly forgiven. Forgetfulness is key, as well.

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from Evil.


The above verse states that God shield us and guide us from and away from the mis-creations of Humanity - to raise us up into God consciousness where all is Love and Light. This we accomplish by focusing and putting our attention only on God. When our attention is on God then we are not drawn into the mistakes of Humanity. These mistakes are disguised in our Media, TV shows, Music, Books, in the lives of others etc. If we focus on the drudgery of life and the faulty ideas of others that are fed to us in every moment of our public and private lives, we become pulled down into darkness, our minds become cluttered, we become overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, negative and lose sight of what's important - God.

The most gratifying practice we can indulge in daily that will lift us up is the focusing of our attention on the God within, the Universe, for it is the only true and permanent power available to all of us that will set us free, if we would only give it our undivided attention and make it the most important thing in our lives.