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It breaks my heart to read about all that is happening in regards to the subject of abortion.

Truly, life is sacred. Have we not yet understood the consequences we will face when a child, a soul, is aborted, let alone killed when out of the womb? I don't understand.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

The Power of Christians

Have you ever asked yourself why there are those who would have us believe that we (Christians) are dwindling in number? Have you ever asked yourself why there are those who try to convince us Christianity is falling apart, that the church is falling apart? Have you ever asked yourself why there are those who choose to laugh at us when we turn to prayer? Why do they mock us and our beliefs? Why do they roll their eyes at us when we talk about God or shrug when we mention the power of Jesus and our faith?

There are those who seek to destroy our faith and our mission and make us feel like things are falling apart etc. Why? Because they fear us. They know, more than we do, the power we hold and the power of prayer. They know that united we are a force to be reckoned with.

Do you realize, brothers and sisters, that we have the power to change the course of this world, that we have the power to wipe out poverty, crime and all negative forces? They realize this, do you?

Hurricane Florence

Lord, we pray for our brothers and sisters

who are in the path of Hurricane Florence.

We flood forth your Crystal White Light,

Surrounding each of your children,

protecting them from this formidable force.

We flood forth your Flame of Peace

into the eye of the storm, soothing it,

scattering it gently across the ocean.

Ease its pain and anger, Oh Lord,

allowing it to dissipate gracefully,

returning it to the pure Light of God.

Thank you, Oh Lord, for answering our prayer in Jesus’ name.


PrayerNicole Riveraprayer
Jesus Calls on You

Many Christians around the world are witnessing the demise of the Christian Churches. The Catholic Church, in particular, is being singled out, but I dare say that some of these atrocities, if not all, are happening within other denominations as well. 

Large numbers of us have left the church and worship in our homes on our own time while others have remained faithful to the church through these ordeals. Many of us are feeling angry, hopeless, helpless, discouraged, fearful and outraged.

What should we do? Prayer is always of paramount importance. Up until now, our prayers have actually been responsible for the upheaval that we are witnessing take place within the church. We have all known on some level that there was something amiss in our churches.

The hatred for the church runs so deep in some individuals that they strongly desire the collapse of the entire church, yet I do not believe this is what Jesus wants. Plenty of his followers still cling to the church even though they know it is in a shambles. If the church were to completely collapse Jesus knows his followers would fall into hopelessness, they would be scattered and that is not what he wants. The better solution is to rid the church of its “evils,” which is happening now, and have the people elect leaders who are more in tuned with his true teachings. In other words, give the church over to the congregation/parishioners (not boards, committees and the like) so they can elect the leaders and clergy with whom they believe Jesus can speak through to bring his modern day message to the masses.

How can we begin the enormous task of changing the church? Through the help of Jesus, of course. Jesus calls upon those who have chosen to stay with the church (and even those who have left) to call on him to inspire you to take action; action that will lead to a new church; a church that is the Living Word of Christ. A church that is constantly moving and growing in God.

Jesus says there are many of you who still believe in the true purpose and importance of the church, yet you know things need to change but do not know what to do, how to do it and where to begin. He says to call on him. Ask him. Open your heart and he will lead you.

Will it be easy? Jesus says no. It will indeed be a challenge that will shake you now and again. At times, it will be akin to what he faced while taking on the Scribes and Pharisees. Yet, he says, no matter what befalls you, you must always speak the truth that he gives you in order to begin the process of mending the church. Have no fear, for when you are anointed by Jesus you are safe.

It is up to us as Christians to rehabilitate the church and bring it back into alignment with the true teachings of Jesus. 

If you are inspired by this article then consider yourself one of his anointed ones, chosen to assist him in healing the church from within. Your journey is blessed.

(Article published on Medium 9/10/2018)

Beams of Light

Prayers are beams of light that flood forth into the heart of our Creator. The stronger the will of the prayerful the more powerful the beam of light, thus the more effective the answer. When many pray in unison the beam of light is magnified; the results are bountiful. Many have prayed for the salvation of our brothers and sisters, our world and ourselves. Our Creator has heard our cries. Our Creator is answering as we live and breathe. Be aware of the shift that is taking place before your eyes. We are rising upward into the Light of God. Are you ready?

Every Morning and Night

Every morning before you arise and every night before you nod off remind yourself of who you truly are and desire to be. Say to yourself out loud, if you can,

  • "I AM the Light of God."
  • "I AM a Spiritual Being."
  • "I AM abundant."
  • "I AM healthy."
  • "I AM......"

These two times of the day are very sensitive, as we are more open to receiving. Take advantage of them. At least 1 - 2 hours before you go to bed remain in silence. Turn off the TV, the music, the chatter. Do not take the things of this world into the sacred chamber of sleep. Remind yourself instead of who you truly are by stating the above and add your own personal phrases.

In the morning, before you put feet to floor, stay in bed at least 15 - 20 mins stating who you are and who you desire to be. Set your goals for the day and live from that perspective.

Do this religiously and witness the truth.

Prayers Fulfilled

There are many reasons why prayers seemingly go unanswered. Here are a few:

  • The person praying, on a deeper level, has decided to go through what h/she is going through so that they can show others that it is indeed possible to rise above what they are experiencing and so it may seem as if the prayer is going unanswered.

  • The person is not fully ready to transcend his/her current situation that is being prayed for.

  • The person, when praying, is not wholly focused in the moment and, thus, the powers of the Universe, the Creator, delivers accordingly.

  • The person does not really want to "heal" from the situation.

  • The person has not found another way of being and so s/he can not fully transcend the situation.

  • The person is fearful of moving forward and so holds her/himself back unconsciously.

Prayers ultimately are answered. It is up to us to accept what we are praying for. It sounds silly to believe that we would not want our prayers answered and knowingly hold ourselves back from receiving, but when you are able to see the beam in your own eye you will understand how this is possible.

Pray Without Ceasing

If we can think and talk constantly about politics, the latest news, celebrities, food, music, movies, the most popular shows and all the other things of this world then we should also, and more importantly, be thinking and talking constantly about God. Praying without ceasing is just that. And why is it more beneficial to think and talk constantly about God then about the madness in this world? Well, because when we pray without ceasing God works, God answers, God manifests, God rejoices, God fulfills desires, God loves, God lives, God has an outlet to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth. Pray without ceasing.

Your Prayers Matter

When we pray intently, and invoke the Light of God, sometimes we see things happen that we do not like. We say, "But I was praying for good things. Why am I seeing so many bad things? Is this my fault?" No, it is not your fault. Sometimes when we pray and invoke the Light of God the darkness shows itself and challenges us. Our prayers flush the darkness out. Do not stop praying. Allow God to do his work the way in which he sees fit. It is our job to be the instrument for his Light to flow through so that he can do his work. Rest assured that your prayers matter.

Volunteer to Begin Your Journey to Divine Love

An excellent way to begin to receive more fully the Divine Love of God is to give of the love you have already received. In giving to others you receive more from God. In giving you allow God to multiply your talents so that you can receive more. You allow God to love others and heal others through you. A great way to begin is to offer your services as a volunteer. There is an indescribable amount of joy one receives when assisting others on their journey, whether it be the homeless, the sick and disabled, children, the elderly etc. If you consider yourself the Light of God then consider spreading your Light to others through volunteering. The rewards you will receive from God are unmatched by anything you will ever receive from humanity.

O Mother Mary

With the fullness of the Divine Mother Mary's heart she offers you, in this day, this loving prayer. When you say this prayer with the fullness of your heart engaged, the Divine Mother Mary will bless you and keep you in her heart. Love truly is the key.

Say this prayer as many times as you like but at least 3 to 9 times in a row, in this way it will strengthen and build the energy allowing Mary's Presence to surround you more fully.

O Mother Mary Prayer
Be Prepared for the Lord

Be prepared for the arrival of the Lord to speak and act through you today and everyday. The God within eagerly awaits for an opening within you to speak directly to you and through you to those you meet. Prepare yourself for his words and deeds. Clear your mind in the morning and throughout the day reminding yourself in every moment to keep your mind in a state of harmony and peace, for the God within desires to speak and create miracles through you.

Our Prayers are Needed

The world needs our prayers today. I ask that you join me on the top of every hour today in saying this prayer for the people and government of Syria:

In the name of Jesus Christ, I now command, I do demand, that the Light of God shines forth into the hearts and minds of the people and government of Syria. I demand that the Light of God consumes all hatred and anger. I demand that the Light of God consumes all dark forces that are manipulating the people and government of Syria. I demand the Light of God be allowed to take over and bring peace and love to the people and government of Syria. That it raise the consciousness of the people and government into a state of love, opulence, peace and joy. I demand that the Light of God consumes all unlike itself and transmutes it into love. It is done. Amen.

Complimentary Copy of Prayers for Everyone

It's Christmas! and I have 10 copies of my book that I want to give as gifts. If you would like a copy, please send your full name and address to cs at isaiahpublications dot com with the Subject line: Christmas Gift.

If I run out of copies before I get to your name, I will keep your information on file for the next gift. I promise.

Merry Christmas!

I Love Knowing

"I love knowing that I am in control of my life." This is a very powerful statement to say to yourself throughout the day. It reminds you of how powerful you are and that you are ultimately responsible for what transpires in your life. Isn't it great to know this? It means that no one and nothing can affect you unless you invite it in through how you are thinking and being. Take full control of your life today by thinking only of that which you desire.

Create a Switch

As we all know, our minds can often go places we don't want it to go. If we let it run rampant, we will soon find ourselves in a place of self-pity, loathing, hate, guilt and all the emotions we classify as "bad." Because of this, we must take responsibility for our thoughts and create a switch. A switch is something that turns something on or off - as in a light switch. In this case you are creating a mental switch. Think of a serene, joyful scene or person and create a short but powerful story. Practice this switch in your head often so that it becomes natural. Whenever you find yourself in a thought you do not like turn your switch on immediately. Begin to think of that beautiful scene, person etc. and milk it, add to the story, go off into that story and never look back. You will find that you can't even remember what you were thinking of before you switched the switch. Enjoy your journey to wholeness.

A State of Prayer Meditation

Being in a state of prayer and meditation strengthens the mind and body and opens the door to the spirit. In these moments, we have access to the God within, our higher self, and are able to receive answers to all of our questions. Being in this state is the best form of liberation. Once we liberate our minds from the day to day minutiae, we then become liberated in our physical reality and are limitless. As we practice this state of being it will become natural to us and, instead of having to get into this state, we begin to live in this state.

Can you feel it?

Enjoy your journey to wholeness.

In Every Moment

In every moment you are walking into that which you DO want and that which you DO NOT want by the thoughts you are projecting as you go about your moments. What are you anticipating? What are you expecting as you move through space and time? Are you choosing to catch the train or bus that just pulled in, making that light without hurry, doing well on that job interview, securing that client, having a great day at work, getting along with someone you don't particular care for?

When you say "yes" to the above questions, and others you put before you, you are inviting good people, things and events into your life.

Let's take back control of what happens in our lives by deliberately choosing, in every moment, to experience only the best.

Enjoy your journey to wholeness.