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My Animals

Whenever I find myself focused on unpleasant thoughts I immediately turn to my animals. They are my savior. I watch them and smile. I adore their playfulness, their eagerness for the new toy and/or treat, their excitement for exploration, and I think to  myself,  "I want to have their zest for life." I then look for things to enjoy and my mind is free. I can't even remember what I was thinking of. Try it, and if you don't have animals there are plenty of videos on the internet. It will ease your mind.

Our Animals

Animals are our teachers. They reflect back to us who and what we are being. My animals speak to me all the time. Whether I'm understanding them or not is a different story. Enjoy your animals. – I absolutely love my animals. They help me to be calm when I am anxious, loving when I am angry and understanding when I can’t see the clarity that is before me. They soothe my soul and open my eyes to what is important; enjoying the moment. I appreciate the insight my animals give me every day. If you have an animal you know exactly what I mean and if you don’t, all you have to do is to go down to a pet store and watch them and you will be transformed.