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Press Release for Be a God: Prayers for the Intrepid

For Immediate Release

March 15, 2018

Celebrate the Resurrection of the Christ in you this Easter with the new book release: Be a God: Prayers for the Intrepid.

Be a God: Prayers for the Intrepid is an inspirational book of 25 prayers and illustrations that will assist you in dying to the old self and being reborn to the new. Easter is the perfect time of year to celebrate the resurrection of the Christ within you. As Jesus resurrected on this glorious day, you, too, are asked to die to the old self and be reborn to the new.

Each prayer and illustration will catapult you to the next level of awareness for which you are ready. Prayer is traditionally used as a powerful tool to call upon the assistance of Spirit. But there is another way to utilize prayer and that is to assist you in realizing who you truly are. Through the meditation upon, focus and repetition of a single prayer in “Be a God” you are calling forth your Divine Self to flood your consciousness. The results of these actions, practiced unfailingly and embodied fully, will set you on a course towards a more profound connection to Spirit thereby awakening within you the memory of who you truly are, where you came from and your life's purpose. Meditating on each prayer will open the door for Spirit to impress upon you higher thoughts about your true nature thereby assisting you in the resurrection.

Each prayer is followed by an illustration that enhances the meaning of the prayer and adds an additional layer of understanding. When asked why she included the illustrations Nicole states, “I was inspired to add the illustrations by Spirit and when you are inspired to do something you must do it.” She then adds, “We are visual creations and the illustrations are a story in and of themselves that not only enrich the prayer but will speak to you on many levels of your being. I suggest you meditate on both the prayer and illustration. Take your time and allow the God within you to reveal wonderful things about your journey to wholeness that you never knew before.”

Be a God is suitable for all ages and denominations. “The book is not affiliated with any particular religious or spiritual belief,” says Nicole, “It is meant for all of us no matter our denomination or non-denomination because we are all a part of the Body of God. We are all manifestations of the one true God and Be a God is meant to help you realize that.”

Be a God: Prayers for the Intrepid is available for pre-order in eBook format from your favorite retailers such as,






The official release is March 30, 2018. The paperback version will follow shortly.

Contact: Nicole Rivera

Email: cs at nicolerivera dot com

New Book

Working on my new book titled, "Christmas," a delightful and thought-provoking book about a young boy named Dexter who discovers the true meaning of Christmas and, in the process, finds a new and unexpected friend. I'm looking to complete it sometime in mid-2018, God willing.

Complimentary Copy of Prayers for Everyone

It's Christmas! and I have 10 copies of my book that I want to give as gifts. If you would like a copy, please send your full name and address to cs at isaiahpublications dot com with the Subject line: Christmas Gift.

If I run out of copies before I get to your name, I will keep your information on file for the next gift. I promise.

Merry Christmas!

I Let Go and Let God

Often times we carry the burden of "making" the things we want come to be when in fact it is none of our concern as to how all things that we desire will come to pass. It is solely our concern to feel joy and eagerness at its arrival and to continue on with our day to day activities free of worry.

Say this mini-prayer often and let all that you desire come into fruition.

"I let go and let God do what I could not do with an army of me."

excerpt from: Prayers for Everyone: Strength