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It breaks my heart to read about all that is happening in regards to the subject of abortion.

Truly, life is sacred. Have we not yet understood the consequences we will face when a child, a soul, is aborted, let alone killed when out of the womb? I don't understand.

Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

Your Prayers Matter

When we pray intently, and invoke the Light of God, sometimes we see things happen that we do not like. We say, "But I was praying for good things. Why am I seeing so many bad things? Is this my fault?" No, it is not your fault. Sometimes when we pray and invoke the Light of God the darkness shows itself and challenges us. Our prayers flush the darkness out. Do not stop praying. Allow God to do his work the way in which he sees fit. It is our job to be the instrument for his Light to flow through so that he can do his work. Rest assured that your prayers matter.

For a Reason

There are no random acts. God, the Universe, is organized. Things happen for a reason, therefore, if we desire to know the truth behind any given situation we must look for the cause and not at the effect. There are no secrets with God. All that you desire to know is readily available to you and must be revealed when asked. The key is to go within, ask, and then patiently wait for an answer. Do not ask your question in judgement of anyone or anything. The question must be asked from the heart and with love and understanding and must not be asked for the purpose of condemnation. God does not condemn nor judge and thus if we are to be like God, and shine our light, then we must not condemn nor judge. You will receive your answer and you will know that the answer you receive is the truth by the way it makes you feel, for when you are in the state of consciousness that Jesus attained then you have the clear understanding of how and why things happen and thus your heart will be set at ease.

Divine Justice

We talk about justice, justice for all, but what is true justice? The only true justice is Divine Justice and when we see Divine Justice outpictured on this earth all forms of justice will fall into place. Divine Justice is God's justice. As co-creators with God, as Creations of God, as Sons and Daughters of God, it is our duty and innate desire to see that God is seen, heard, and felt in this world, his world. Divine Justice is seeing that God is sought after first and foremost in all of our affairs, personally and universally; in our governments and nations around the world, for with God all things are possible. If you consider yourself the Light of God, then you serve to bring God's light into this world by being the Light, shining your Light, being the example of the Light to others. Never deny the Light in you. You deny the Light of God by being less than the Light, by being angry, hateful, jealous, depressed, judgemental, by allowing the not so nice forces to wreak havoc in your mind, your deeds and words. Let's give it our all and BE Divine Justice.