Posts in Ease
Life is Simple

Life is as simple as:

"Ask and you shall Receive."
"Knock and the door shall be Opened."

And yet we still insist on struggling. These above laws are simple yet so difficult to implement because we have learned that life is a struggle that life is unfair.

Let's begin to take the words of our Lord to heart and live simply and freely with joy in our hearts, love on our minds and peace within our Souls.

God's Gift to Us

God's gift to us is his word. Say his name and, instantly, that which is of the divine gathers around you and blesses and protects you from all that is unlike God. In that moment you utter his name you are saved from the onslaught of forms that plague you. Rest in his name and have peace today and everyday.

The Past

We let the past go by thinking differently in the now. You are not bound to your past. Some of us feel that if we have done something that we deem as wrong that we can not change; that we are beholden to the past but this is untrue. There is only the now and in this very moment you have the power, given you by God, to change who you are; to be a different person. All you need do is to begin thinking differently; to begin imaging differently and in time your life will begin to outplay these new thoughts and images. How long does it take? It takes as long as it takes you to submit to the new and let go of the past. Simple as that.

Mis-Qualified Light

There are those who will say that we have no right to interfere with what others are doing. There are those who will not get involved when they see something that is unpleasing and goes against what their heart tells them for fear of being told that they should mind their own business and let people do what they want. They will say that it is a person's free will to, for ex., treat a child or animal in a bad way, to do or say things that hurt others, themselves, the evironement. Well, I say that I may not have the right to interfere with the free will of others but I DO have the right, by the power given me by God, to purify God’s light. All children of God, all of God's creations, and that includes you, have the right to re-qualify God's light when you see it being mis-qualified by another no matter what form it takes or how big or small it appears. How do you know when someone is mis-qualifying God's light? First you must go within and find peace. You can not assess any situation without the peace, and word, of God flowing through you. When you have calmed down and have looked upon the situation from the point of view of God you will know if it is truly a mis-qualification of God's light.  If you fail to see the love, peace, joy, happiness and harmony that God commands us to experience then you know that what is being outplayed before your eyes is impure. God calls upon you to purify it with his power flowing through you for that is your purpose; your purpose is to bring God's light into this world, into all inharmonious situations, so that he might bring all mis-qualified light into the pure light that I AM. All mis-qualified light on this planet must, and will, be brought back to the pure light of God and we are the ones that have the power given us by God to do it. We are the ones that will raise this planet up into the light of God's pure being and when we accomplish this we will all experience heaven on earth.

Rest in the Knowing

Rest in the knowing that you are doing well on your journey, that you are loved and that you are important. Rest in the knowing that no matter what you have done, or didn't do, in the past has been washed clean for you to start anew right now in this moment. It is a new beginning for you. Enjoy it and never look back.

Unite with God

Uniting with the God within is as easy as breathing. It should not take an extraordinary amount of effort on our part to connect with that which is within us all. If you find yourself having a challenging time hearing the voice of God take a step back and know that you are worthy of hearing the voice of the God within, you are one with the God within so it is impossible for you not to hear his voice, you are mandated and ordained by the God within to raise yourself higher so that his voice is heard easily and naturally by you, you have every right to hear the voice of God for you are created out of his being. It is natural and normal for us to all be consciously guided by our creator in every moment of our lives. This is I know for sure.

Guilt the Destroyer

Guilt is an absolute destroyer of the mind and body. Do not engage in it. Do not try to justify it - it will not work - it will only strengthen the guilt and send you deeper into chaos. All guilt wants to do is deny you of the God within. It wants you to think you are unworthy of God and wants to continue to separate you from your God. First, it is impossible to be separated from the God within. Second, God has already forgiven you and those around you for whatever you think you, or they, have done that was a mistake. Now it is your turn to forgive yourself and those around you. If you are feeling guilty about something, let it go and know that you are forgiven. If you are angry at someone and want them to feel guilty, let it go and know that they are forgiven. Instead of offering guilt and blame to yourself and others, offer Love. Flood yourself with love and send love to the other. This will ease your guilt and you will loosen its hold on you. In turn, you will strength your sense of Self. Then rest in the God within knowing that you are loved.

Working in Harmony

When all parts of the whole, which is you, is working in harmony on all levels of your being, you will receive all the support you can ever imagine from the God within, the Universe. You will be guided and carried along effortlessly. In order for this to happen, you must be balanced in your thinking, your emotions and your actions. You, within yourself, must be working as one being, not a separate being that in one sentence is saying, for example, "I can do anything," and in the next second is thinking, "Well, it actually depends on if I have...." and then your stomach begins to twist. This is not a harmonious way of being. You have just negated your statement that you can do anything. All levels of your being must be one and once you have established this oneness within yourself all of the Universe will rush towards you fulfilling all that you desire. This is the truth.