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The Atheist

It surprises me when an atheist tries to define God, Christianity, and explain to me verses in the bible and what Jesus came to teach. They sound like someone who has read from a text book but has not actually taken the time to do the work in order to attain firsthand knowledge. For example, it’s like someone who reads a book on math yet never picks up a pencil to actually solve a problem based on what he/she has read. The atheist shoots off general knowledge, talking points of others, yet has no Experience. To be able to intelligently talk about any subject you must experience it, practice it, live it or else you are of little use to others. The atheist will never do this with the subject of God and Jesus for fear he/she may become a believer. I say to the atheist, “Follow and practice the true teachings of Jesus then talk to me about him and teach me your experience. I will listen.”

The Power of Christians

Have you ever asked yourself why there are those who would have us believe that we (Christians) are dwindling in number? Have you ever asked yourself why there are those who try to convince us Christianity is falling apart, that the church is falling apart? Have you ever asked yourself why there are those who choose to laugh at us when we turn to prayer? Why do they mock us and our beliefs? Why do they roll their eyes at us when we talk about God or shrug when we mention the power of Jesus and our faith?

There are those who seek to destroy our faith and our mission and make us feel like things are falling apart etc. Why? Because they fear us. They know, more than we do, the power we hold and the power of prayer. They know that united we are a force to be reckoned with.

Do you realize, brothers and sisters, that we have the power to change the course of this world, that we have the power to wipe out poverty, crime and all negative forces? They realize this, do you?

Receive the Means

Always remember, if God has given you a desire to do something in this world then God will provide you with the means by which to fulfill it. God will not give you a desire and then leave you to worry about finding the means to accomplish it. He will provide. You must believe. Open your heart to receiving the means by which to accomplish the desire in the same way in which you opened your heart to receiving the desire to do something in this world. It will be revealed.

Try, Try, Try Again

Do not be afraid to ask and receive. Do not be afraid to be "wrong." If you are afraid to be wrong you will never learn. You will forever be stuck where you are and will never be satisfied nor will you learn the truth behind all that you see. Try and try again, and if you are "wrong" each time keep trying and know that in time you will know the truth. Ask no matter what.

Your Prayers Matter

When we pray intently, and invoke the Light of God, sometimes we see things happen that we do not like. We say, "But I was praying for good things. Why am I seeing so many bad things? Is this my fault?" No, it is not your fault. Sometimes when we pray and invoke the Light of God the darkness shows itself and challenges us. Our prayers flush the darkness out. Do not stop praying. Allow God to do his work the way in which he sees fit. It is our job to be the instrument for his Light to flow through so that he can do his work. Rest assured that your prayers matter.

For a Reason

There are no random acts. God, the Universe, is organized. Things happen for a reason, therefore, if we desire to know the truth behind any given situation we must look for the cause and not at the effect. There are no secrets with God. All that you desire to know is readily available to you and must be revealed when asked. The key is to go within, ask, and then patiently wait for an answer. Do not ask your question in judgement of anyone or anything. The question must be asked from the heart and with love and understanding and must not be asked for the purpose of condemnation. God does not condemn nor judge and thus if we are to be like God, and shine our light, then we must not condemn nor judge. You will receive your answer and you will know that the answer you receive is the truth by the way it makes you feel, for when you are in the state of consciousness that Jesus attained then you have the clear understanding of how and why things happen and thus your heart will be set at ease.

Working in Harmony

When all parts of the whole, which is you, is working in harmony on all levels of your being, you will receive all the support you can ever imagine from the God within, the Universe. You will be guided and carried along effortlessly. In order for this to happen, you must be balanced in your thinking, your emotions and your actions. You, within yourself, must be working as one being, not a separate being that in one sentence is saying, for example, "I can do anything," and in the next second is thinking, "Well, it actually depends on if I have...." and then your stomach begins to twist. This is not a harmonious way of being. You have just negated your statement that you can do anything. All levels of your being must be one and once you have established this oneness within yourself all of the Universe will rush towards you fulfilling all that you desire. This is the truth.

Born to Succeed

We are all born to succeed. The issue we face in this world is that there are so many things being thrown at us on a day to day basis that we forget this very important truth and thus bog ourselves down in nonsense. You are valuable to the whole. If there is something you want to do, be, or have and find that you have not been able to take the next step know that you are ready, know that you are qualified, know that you are mandated to take the next step. Do not let anything stop you. You do this by shrugging off the false thoughts and images and replace them with the thoughts of the God within. In your persistence to see the truth the next step will be revealed to you.

God Answers

God will never abandon you. If you are not hearing his answer, his word, then it is not because he is not answering you. It is because your mind may be cluttered with the things of this world. It is because you may be doubting that you CAN hear his voice. It is because you may be too stressed, anxious, feeling unworthy etc. Check yourself for the answer as to why you may not be hearing him and then know that these thoughts are not real. God adores you. Rest in the knowing that the God within will never, ever, abandon you. He is listening and answering your every desire. This is the truth.

Things are Flourishing

It can sometimes be challenging when you're on the path and things are not moving as fast as you would like. You may not be seeing the change that you desire - the health, the wealth, the relationship - but rest assure things are occurring behind the scenes that you may not be aware of. You're time is close at hand. Be patient. God loves you.


Religion is not God. Religions are the many interpretations of what God is and how one should worship. There is only one God, one Supreme Being, but that one God is not to be hoarded by one Religion or thought to be the only Religion that knows who God is or the only means to "salvation." God is found everywhere. God is the principle of Life. God is Life. God is all there is. God is what all things in this world are made of. God is the substance behind all. God is Universal. God created all things and is in all things, which means that we are ALL an expression of the one God, the one Supreme Being. God is the people, the animals, the elements, mother nature, inanimate objects, and the all. Nothing is separate from the one God.

Our Father

Our Lord's Prayer, the "Our Father," is such an important and revealing prayer of what Christ wanted us to embrace. How many of us have said this prayer without truly understanding what it means? I have recited it many times in the past and did not fully grasp what it meant. Below is my interpretation of the "Our Father." Please enjoy. Our Father who art in Heaven

Hallowed be thy name.

The above verse calls out to, and addresses, God as our Father and praises its name, for there is only one supreme God that embraces us all with an unwavering love.

Thy Kingdom come

Thy will be done

On earth as it is in Heaven.

The above verse invokes God's Kingdom (God's world. God's life) into our lives and when it comes, by our impelling of it, God's will of all good is to manifest in our experience on earth as it is in Heaven - Heaven is perfection and all good, and thus this perfection and all good is to manifest in our lives on earth - right here, right now.

Give us this day

Our daily Bread

The above verse states that God provide for all of our needs - food, clothing, shelter etc., for God is the source of all of our desires. When we begin to rely on God as our source for all that we need on earth then it begins to show up in our lives. With consistent and persistent command of our good, God will unleash its bounty in all areas of our lives and you will be self-sustained. This requires trust, faith, persistence, strength of will and steadfastness to God.

And forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us

The above verse states that God forgive the mistakes we have made in our lives as we forgive others who may have hurt us in some way. God forgives instantly. It is us who holds on to the wrong doing. It is important to remember that when something goes wrong in our lives forgiveness of ourselves and others is inevitably healing. When we forgive we cleanse our minds and bodies and begin a new. All is washed away and we can move forward. It is also important to remember to forget as we forgive, for if we hold a grudge or we continue to unearth what we have forgiven then we have not truly forgiven. Forgetfulness is key, as well.

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from Evil.


The above verse states that God shield us and guide us from and away from the mis-creations of Humanity - to raise us up into God consciousness where all is Love and Light. This we accomplish by focusing and putting our attention only on God. When our attention is on God then we are not drawn into the mistakes of Humanity. These mistakes are disguised in our Media, TV shows, Music, Books, in the lives of others etc. If we focus on the drudgery of life and the faulty ideas of others that are fed to us in every moment of our public and private lives, we become pulled down into darkness, our minds become cluttered, we become overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, negative and lose sight of what's important - God.

The most gratifying practice we can indulge in daily that will lift us up is the focusing of our attention on the God within, the Universe, for it is the only true and permanent power available to all of us that will set us free, if we would only give it our undivided attention and make it the most important thing in our lives.

Identity Crisis

The world is caught up in an identity crisis. Too many people identifying more with their physical beings than with their inner beings. Remember, no matter your race, your religion, your gender, etc. you are an expression of God. This is the truth. Others will have you believe that you are black so you have to say, do and have and be this, you are white so you have to say, do and have and be this, you are Hispanic so you have to say, do and have and be this. Well, this is a bunch of ?!*&)(^&%. The truth is you are an expression of God and so you are worthy, blessed beings who can do, be and have whatever you desire - end of story. Ignore those that will have you subscribe to their beliefs of who you should be because of your physical being. You are so much more. Ignore them and live your life as you truly want - with utter joy and happiness and with the understanding that you are loved and worthy of all that you desire.

Exercise Your True Power

Make it a habit to exercise your true power everyday. Your true power is your power to choose your thoughts. The power to think positively, optimistically, joyfully, to think of only that which you desire, to think of the good that surrounds you. Take 15 minutes a day to think deliberately about what you want. Set your timer and for 15 minutes only think of the good. Just like you exercise your legs, arms etc. begin to take time to exercise your mind. This 15 minutes of deliberately focusing on the good will lift you up and will open the flood gates to all that you desire. It works. Trust me.

Self-made Millionaire

According to a survey done in 2012 by Fidelity, 86% of millionaires are self-made. What does this mean? It means that these individuals are just like you and me - ordinary people who had a dream, an idea, and never stopped until they fulfilled it. So what are you waiting for? Get out there, do what you love, believe in it wholeheartedly, and watch what happens. Who's with me?

The Human Mind

The human mind is limited but the mind of the God within, the Universe, is LIMITLESS. It knows all and makes things happen for you. So, use the mind of the God within to fulfill your desires. How? Imagine, play, laugh, revel in the new idea, and did I say Imagine, Imagine, Imagine. Be at ease and let things happen for you. Try it. Enjoy it. It works. This I know for sure.