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Life is Simple

Life is as simple as:

"Ask and you shall Receive."
"Knock and the door shall be Opened."

And yet we still insist on struggling. These above laws are simple yet so difficult to implement because we have learned that life is a struggle that life is unfair.

Let's begin to take the words of our Lord to heart and live simply and freely with joy in our hearts, love on our minds and peace within our Souls.

Pray Without Ceasing

If we can think and talk constantly about politics, the latest news, celebrities, food, music, movies, the most popular shows and all the other things of this world then we should also, and more importantly, be thinking and talking constantly about God. Praying without ceasing is just that. And why is it more beneficial to think and talk constantly about God then about the madness in this world? Well, because when we pray without ceasing God works, God answers, God manifests, God rejoices, God fulfills desires, God loves, God lives, God has an outlet to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth. Pray without ceasing.

Out of Work

If you are out of work, whether unemployed at the moment or retired, God would love for you to volunteer. Why? Because when you are active in the world you allow God to work through you more effectively. When you work with individuals, whether children, homeless, disabled, and/or animals, you become the light of the world for God. Through you, God uplifts others to greatness, thereby lifting you up as well. You are needed in this world. Have fun!

I Am Well Pleased

We all know that walking the path back to God can be challenging, to know within every cell of our mind and body who we truly are can be a daunting task as we uncover the truth layer by layer, but always remember to laugh and smile along the way. We are meant to live joyfully in God's creation. Do your best everyday to find something to appreciate about yourself and others. Keep in mind the end result of all your hard work of remembering the truth, and know that at the end of the path God awaits you with open arms eager to say to you, "This is my son/daughter, whom I love; with whom I am well pleased."

Best Friend in the World

You have the most reliable, trustworthy, loyal, wisest, harmonious, loving, compassionate, beautiful, powerful, patient, peaceful, understanding friend you could ever have right within YOU. Turn to this friend, the God within, in good times and in not so good times. Make the God within your go to for all your desires and he will never let you down. This I know for sure.

The Cross of Christ

It is not for the faint of heart to take up the Cross of Christ. It is for those who have had enough of humanity and know that there is much more to life than what is being presented to us. Taking up the Cross of Christ is the journey we will all have to take, whether in this life or the next. It requires us to turn away from the things of this world, clean house and follow the true example of Jesus. It requires us to look at ourselves with a magnifying glass and clear out what is not of God. It requires us to go over our thoughts with a fine tooth comb and get rid of all that is unlike God. It requires us to leave all "mammon" behind and seek the God within incessantly. It is a journey for the brave, the strong willed, the meek, the humble, the pure in heart, the ones who hunger for more, the lovers of God and thus humanity. This journey is the ONLY journey in life that is worth pursuing because it will lead to the fulfillment of all of your desires. This I know for sure.

Open Up to Receive

The God within, the Universe, has at hand your desire and is joyfully waiting for you to receive it. Open your heart and your mind to receiving your gift of happiness, love, peace of mind, beauty, abundance and whatever else it is you desire. Let go of all your worry and rejoice instead, for God is, right now at this moment, handing you your gifts. Receive them and know that you are worthy of them.

You are Renewed

In every moment you are being renewed and reborn. You have along side you spiritual guides who are tending to you ever so delicately with an enormous amount of love for you. If you feel a soft touch, a cool breeze, hear a gentle whisper, have a loving thought, know that this is from above, bringing you its peace, joy and love that is you. Embrace it.

Be as a Child

There are approximately 24.1 million individuals in the United States of America who are experiencing complete and utter joy no matter what's going on around them. They are 0 - 5 years of age. As Christ said, "Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." My interpretation of this saying is that when we become like children we will experience the joy we seek. Remind yourself of how you were as a child; you did not know what was going on in the world. All you cared about was eating, sleeping and, most importantly, having FUN! You were the one showing your parents, at the time, that whatever was going on in their lives, things were okay, that there was always room for joy. You were the light. Refrain from letting any condition get you down. You are worthy of joy, peace and love. It is all up to you.

Remember, happiness is just one thought away.

Identity Crisis

The world is caught up in an identity crisis. Too many people identifying more with their physical beings than with their inner beings. Remember, no matter your race, your religion, your gender, etc. you are an expression of God. This is the truth. Others will have you believe that you are black so you have to say, do and have and be this, you are white so you have to say, do and have and be this, you are Hispanic so you have to say, do and have and be this. Well, this is a bunch of ?!*&)(^&%. The truth is you are an expression of God and so you are worthy, blessed beings who can do, be and have whatever you desire - end of story. Ignore those that will have you subscribe to their beliefs of who you should be because of your physical being. You are so much more. Ignore them and live your life as you truly want - with utter joy and happiness and with the understanding that you are loved and worthy of all that you desire.

Exercise Your True Power

Make it a habit to exercise your true power everyday. Your true power is your power to choose your thoughts. The power to think positively, optimistically, joyfully, to think of only that which you desire, to think of the good that surrounds you. Take 15 minutes a day to think deliberately about what you want. Set your timer and for 15 minutes only think of the good. Just like you exercise your legs, arms etc. begin to take time to exercise your mind. This 15 minutes of deliberately focusing on the good will lift you up and will open the flood gates to all that you desire. It works. Trust me.

And the truth shall set you free

"..and the truth shall set you free." What is the truth? The truth is that you are worthy of all that you desire. The truth is that you are prosperous, you are healthy, you are happy, you are joyful, you are plentiful, you are what ever you want to be in the moment you want to be it. Remember the truth and all that you desire will come into fruition. This I know for sure.

Examples of I Want

A few days ago we discussed starting a sentence with "I love" or "I want" when you're not feeling your best. I gave examples of  "I love." Today I want to give examples of starting a sentence with "I want." In any moment, you choose which start feels good to you and have fun with it. Say it with zest, but if you are not feeling zestful, don't worry, just begin and you will get there. Let's begin, "I want to feel good. I want to feel my joy. I want to feel alive. I want to feel radiant. I want to feel eager. I want to feel unstoppable. I want to feel on top of the world. I want to feel excited. I want to love my life. I want to smile. I want to laugh. I want to be joyful. I want to love. I want to scream at the top of my lungs with utter joy !" Continue until you're feeling relief and enjoy it. Do it often. Be consistent, never look back, always look forward. Try it!

I love I want

When I'm not feeling my greatest I have learned to begin to deliberately say to myself, "I love" or "I want." From there, I start my journey back towards the joyful person I really am. For example, I'll say, "I love ice cream. I love cool breezes on a warm, humid day. I love when I'm happy. I love when I laugh. I love gazing up at the stars. I love when I get where I'm going on time. I love when I always find what I'm looking for. I love when I see people smiling etc.." I usually go on for a half hour or so not even realizing it. I then find myself uplifted and not remembering why I was so glum in the first place. It really works. Be consistent. Never look back. Move forward. Try it!