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Hate and Anger

There is too much hate and anger in the world today. Brother against brother. Sister against sister. We have lost our way and have given in to our emotions. We are overly sensitive. We are believing that we can be hurt by what others say or do, yet it is our ignorance of who we truly are that keeps us tied to this perverted belief. No one can hurt us by word or deed. We are invulnerable to attack when we practice defenselessness. When we are defensive we are attacked. When you read, hear or see something that disturbs your core take a deep breath and turn to your God for the truth. Practice non-reaction. When you refrain from reacting you put yourself in a position to forgive. From this state you will find freedom.

There's No Room for Hate

If we hold hate, anger, revenge or even mild dislike in our hearts and minds for any person, place, thing, animal, government, religion or anything else, we must let it go. There is no room for these emotions in God's Kingdom. It will not work. The God within does not harbor hate nor anger towards any of its creations thus we can not either. It goes against God's laws. We will not find the Kingdom if we engage in any negative emotion. We will not lose anything by giving up any negative emotion, for the God within will replace it with love, peace, happiness, opulence and joy if we will allow it.