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Beams of Light

Prayers are beams of light that flood forth into the heart of our Creator. The stronger the will of the prayerful the more powerful the beam of light, thus the more effective the answer. When many pray in unison the beam of light is magnified; the results are bountiful. Many have prayed for the salvation of our brothers and sisters, our world and ourselves. Our Creator has heard our cries. Our Creator is answering as we live and breathe. Be aware of the shift that is taking place before your eyes. We are rising upward into the Light of God. Are you ready?

In the Present

God is in the present. He is not in the past where our minds often stray. He is not in the future wishing for things that have not yet come. God is in the present, basking in the moment, living in the now for the past is gone and the future has not yet come and thus the most important moment is the now, where life is to be lived. God is in the present. Where are you?

Look Beyond

Today and everyday, the God within asks us to look beyond the poverty in this world and see the riches that he offers each and every one of us. He asks us to look beyond the physical decline of the human body that so many unnecessarily experience and see the eternal youth that he offers each and every one of us. He asks us to look beyond the hatred and anger so many feel towards each other to the love and peace he offers within our hearts, so that we will experience the true love that we are meant to feel for one another. He asks us to look beyond the depression, sadness, confusion and all negative emotions that overwhelm us to the clarity and knowing that is ours for the taking, so that we can relieve ourselves of the burdens we so unnecessarily hold within our hearts and minds. He asks us to look beyond the illusion that he does not exist, that he has abandoned us and see that he rests right within our hearts waiting for us to acknowledge his love for us that he wishes to express through us. The God within asks us to look beyond this world to the truth that awaits our recognition and that will set us free.

You are Ordained by God

Each and every one of you is ordained by the God within to come up higher, to do great things in this world, and I am not talking about the profession you choose, instead, I am talking about coming up higher in the awareness of who you truly are so that you can be the example that Jesus was when he walked the earth. This is a tall order but if you are reading this then you are one of the chosen ones that must begin to be more than what you perceive yourself to be at this moment in time. You are a Spiritual being in a human body who has come here to attain Christhood as Jesus did, here to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth, thus showing your Spiritual brothers and sisters how to do the same. This I know for sure.

Our Children

It is up to us as adults to instill in our children that they are Spiritual beings from the onset and not merely human beings.  We all come from God and are expressions of God. They need a foundation to work from and the best foundation and the ONLY real foundation is that they are rooted in God. When they know this they will feel more stable in this world of chaos where so many false ideas are thrown at them everyday. Do not let the false gods of this world, which live in the media, entertainment, traditional religion, corporate and political arenas, tell our children who they are and where they come from. The Truth is God. There is no other Truth.

Be as a Child

There are approximately 24.1 million individuals in the United States of America who are experiencing complete and utter joy no matter what's going on around them. They are 0 - 5 years of age. As Christ said, "Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." My interpretation of this saying is that when we become like children we will experience the joy we seek. Remind yourself of how you were as a child; you did not know what was going on in the world. All you cared about was eating, sleeping and, most importantly, having FUN! You were the one showing your parents, at the time, that whatever was going on in their lives, things were okay, that there was always room for joy. You were the light. Refrain from letting any condition get you down. You are worthy of joy, peace and love. It is all up to you.

Remember, happiness is just one thought away.

Exercise Your True Power

Make it a habit to exercise your true power everyday. Your true power is your power to choose your thoughts. The power to think positively, optimistically, joyfully, to think of only that which you desire, to think of the good that surrounds you. Take 15 minutes a day to think deliberately about what you want. Set your timer and for 15 minutes only think of the good. Just like you exercise your legs, arms etc. begin to take time to exercise your mind. This 15 minutes of deliberately focusing on the good will lift you up and will open the flood gates to all that you desire. It works. Trust me.


The condition of poor or lack is just a thought. Change the thought and you change your circumstances. We are all born with the one tool that will make us successful or not and that is our mind, our thought - whether we start out in life rich or poor, it does not matter. When we use our minds, our thoughts, wisely we will receive all that our heart desires with ease and joy.

I Love Knowing

"I love knowing that I am in control of my life." This is a very powerful statement to say to yourself throughout the day. It reminds you of how powerful you are and that you are ultimately responsible for what transpires in your life. Isn't it great to know this? It means that no one and nothing can affect you unless you invite it in through how you are thinking and being. Take full control of your life today by thinking only of that which you desire.

Practice Faith

Practicing faith can be extremely challenging, especially when someone you love is ill. What to do? Well, the first thing is to understand what faith is. Faith, to me, is not only believing in the unknown and that all will work out, it is also holding that person/animal in a state of well being. Seeing them, within your mind, whole and happy without fail, for this is where the power of the God within lies and does its work. This is challenging while everyday you witness them in a state of illness. I believe also that when someone you love is in your care, or anyone for that matter, you must be well yourself. You must be whole, you must be in a state that is connected with the power of the God within. There is no room for sadness, anger, hate and all the negative emotion. Think of Christ. He went into the desert and meditated on being whole, on knowing that he was God - so much so, that just by his presence he was able to heal, that is how connected he was. He was not in a state of anger or sadness as he healed. He was in a state of knowing. There was no effort. He was so aware of the presence of the well-being within the person who was ill that he was able to bring them into vibration with their well-being (if they chose to accept it). He did not see anything else but the persons well-being and then he proclaimed, "It is your faith that makes you whole." Meaning, because they believed in him they were healed, not because he healed. He provided the knowing, the confidence, the clarity of well-being that was necessary for the healing, if they wanted it. All things are possible with faith. Christ had faith. My aim is to embody the faith of Christ.

Feel instead of See

It's not about SEEING the things that you want but, rather, it's about FEELING the things that you want and feeling them frequently. It doesn't have to be for long periods of time. It could be for seconds. The importance is in the frequency - how many times you revisit the feeling of having, being and doing what you want and how natural it feels to you. For some, this process can prove to be much easier and less stressful than "trying" to imagine, because sometimes when we sit and imagine our negative side comes rushing in to screw things up for us. Focus on the feeling and smile and enjoy. Enjoy your journey to wholeness.

Too many rules

The more rules and regulations we impose on society, the more criminals we create. Cultivating trust is the only way we will rid ourselves of this ever growing plague. When we come to realize who we really are, there is no fear. There is only love, trust, respect, appreciation and understanding of all that surrounds us. Today, and everyday, let's choose to cultivate trust in ourselves and in the God within, the Universe.

Create a Switch

As we all know, our minds can often go places we don't want it to go. If we let it run rampant, we will soon find ourselves in a place of self-pity, loathing, hate, guilt and all the emotions we classify as "bad." Because of this, we must take responsibility for our thoughts and create a switch. A switch is something that turns something on or off - as in a light switch. In this case you are creating a mental switch. Think of a serene, joyful scene or person and create a short but powerful story. Practice this switch in your head often so that it becomes natural. Whenever you find yourself in a thought you do not like turn your switch on immediately. Begin to think of that beautiful scene, person etc. and milk it, add to the story, go off into that story and never look back. You will find that you can't even remember what you were thinking of before you switched the switch. Enjoy your journey to wholeness.

Trivial Mind

The mind can be very trivial if you let it wander on its own. It will have you thinking of things that are less than who you are. It will look through its database of old thoughts and consistent thoughts that you think and will bombard you with them. In these times, it is our responsibility to recognize when this happens and immediately alter the path by choosing to think about things we enjoy. At first, it will sometimes be challenging to recognize when you are going in the wrong direction but as you practice and not beat yourself up, it will become easier and easier and you will notice when you are about to spiral in the wrong direction.

The key to all of this is loving yourself enough to refuse to be taken into places that make you feel less than.

Enjoy your journey to wholeness.